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As the ‘eldest son’ of China’s equipment manufacturing industry, HE has shouldered a historical mission of 'carrying the hope of national industry and demonstrating the vigor of China's power' since its birth. It made its way to success with the unique features of 'introduction, digestion, absorption and recreation', achieving a great leap forward in China’s manufacturing level and the independent innovation capacity of power generation equipment. HE also achieved the transformation of power generation equipment manufacturing, from 'Made in China' to 'Created in China', a change which has improved the popularity and influence of our country in the international power generation equipment market.

For 70 years, HE has continued to advance in the high-end field of power generation equipment by virtue of its increasing strength and perseverance in the face of challenges. As a result, HE has been responsible for many milestones in every stage in the development of China’s equipment manufacturing industry: its jump in output capacity from 200MW to 1,000MW brought an end to the high energy-consumption and small-capacity conditions of China’s power generation units; its succession of leaps from ultrahigh pressure, through subcritical and supercritical parameters, to ultra-supercritical parameters demonstrated that it had mastered the most advanced, energy-saving and environmentally sound technologies in the design and manufacture of power generation equipment; its advancement from the conventional thermal power unit to the nuclear power unit broke the monopoly that western countries had formerly held in nuclear technology and helped HE to become one of the few corporations able to independently manufacture essential nuclear power equipment; its development from the 0.8 MW hydropower unit to the 700 MW air-cooled hydropower unit, the largest of its kind ever made, enabled HE to lead the world in the hydropower industry.

Looking into the future, HE still aims to become ‘The Best in China, Ranked First in the World’. As one of 53 centrally-administrated enterprises which are closely linked to the national security and national economy lifeline, we will continue to play an exemplary leading role and to be mindful of our political, economic and social responsibilities. By adhering to our objective of ‘providing power for the world and bringing light to humanity', we will ‘unite in a concerted effort and gather all our forces’, making a joint effort with those who support and care for HE to further develop this great corporation. With unwavering confidence that we can add to the strength and prosperity of China's national industry, we will raise the sail of reform, independent innovation and the 'opening-up' of the country and set sail over the waves. We will strive to create a powerful ‘aircraft carrier’ for the world equipment manufacturing industry. Together, we will create a beautiful, vibrant and brilliant future.

Along with China’s economic reform and development, Harbin Electric International Company Limited (HEI) has paved its growth path with zealous efforts. HEI has laid cornerstones in China’s electric power industry by exporting the first large-scale power unit, the first combined cycle power plant as well as building China’s largest overseas transmission project and China’s largest overseas combined cycle power plant. HEI has successfully become one of the leading companies in the international power industry through thirty years of hard work and endless pursuit of excellence.

As the leading EPC contractor for large-scale power projects and exporter of complete set of power plant equipment in China, HEI strives to become a world-class company in power engineering and services. With its self-developed products, superior manufacturing capabilities, and rich project management experiences, the company’s achievements can now be seen in over 30 countries. HEI has become a renowned brand internationally. We pride ourselves in having built a marketing arm that can adapt to global power market trends, owning the most efficient and knowledgeable project management team, and possessing world-class products and technology. HEI has also built partnerships with many well-known companies around the world as the company expands its footprints. Besides managing our business networks, we also actively fulfill our corporate social responsibilities by engaging with local communities and governments. As HEI builds its brand presence, the quality of our products and services has gained us abundant trust from our customers and partners.

We would not have achieved today’s success without the cooperation and support from our partners at home and abroad. We thank you all for your partnership and business through the years.

As we face future opportunities as well as challenges in the global power market, HEI will continue to advance our strategies and aim for further development. We will continue to make every effort to provide domestic and overseas clients with services of the highest quality. The company and I look forward to working closely with you, our partners at home and abroad, to build a brighter future where we can advance together and benefit each other.

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