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Harbin Electric International Company Limited (HEI) has always insisted on a policy of putting people in the first and the concept of scientific outlook on development. By placing human resources as the company’s most vital strategic resource, HEI has striven to become a first-class international power contractor and power plant service company.
HEI created the concept of human resource development, seeing it as the most important resource that the company enjoys. The company established the idea of human capital as its most crucial asset, and operates according to this philosophy. By cultivating a favorable environment for personal growth and building a stage that allows individuals to display their talents, the company aims to actively promote the common development of employees and nurture a relationship where workers and the enterprise develop together in a mutually beneficial symbiosis. HEI respects and protects the rights and interests of its employees, by actively promoting the reform of the systems of remuneration, welfare and various kinds of insurance.
In the process of job allocation, we emphasize job characteristics, values and outstanding work performance and have a variety of incentives. By further improving our system of incentives, conducting appraisal and assessment of outstanding and model employees, we hope to create a cultural environment that encourages the growth of talents. HEI vigorously emphasizes the training of leaders and employees. In intensifying training, perfecting the training system, using advanced training methods, striving for quality and efficiency, and promoting the quality of training, HEI offers every employee the chance to improve himself according to his own job requirements. The company advocates the concept of lifelong learning, the cultivation of an individual’s character and morality through study and practice, the promotion of correct core values and the enhancement of professional skills to keep pace with the growth and development of individuals and the company. The results of assessment are an important basis for employee incentives and the utilization of talent. HEI will continue to adhere to its principle of accurate and objective evaluation and improve the system. The company insists on highlighting the key points of evaluation, emphasizing a scientific, standardized approach and actively adopting talent appraisal standards from modern enterprise management, to improve the assessment index system. The aim of the company is to achieve a system whereby “talents are assessed according to their performance”.


Based on realities and the long-term perspective, the company will actively seek a comprehensive talent strategy for the future, striving to create an atmosphere that builds respect for knowledge and talents, and establishing an environment and system that encourages the growth of talents. By working hard in the nurture of our workers, we will ensure a bright future for both the employees and the enterprise.
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